Sheller Energy’s Gold and Platinum Heating Oil Plans:

As the days grow shorter and the temperatures drop, homeowners turn to their heating systems to keep warm during the winter months. At Sheller Energy, formerly known as Sheller Oil, we understand the importance of reliable heating systems, which is why we offer two comprehensive service plans – the Gold Heating Oil Plan and the Platinum Heating Oil Plan. These plans are designed to provide you with peace of mind, cost savings, and priority service when you need it most. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of each plan to help you make an informed choice for your home.

Gold Heating Oil Plan

The Gold Heating Oil Plan is perfect for homeowners looking for essential maintenance and peace of mind during the heating season. Here are the key benefits:

  1. Annual Tune-Up: Your heating system will receive an annual tune-up, ensuring it operates efficiently throughout the year.
  2. 15% Off Repairs: Should your heating system require repairs, you’ll enjoy a 15% discount on diagnostic and repair charges.
  3. Priority Service: You’ll receive priority service for all emergencies, guaranteeing a prompt response to any heating-related issues.

Platinum Heating Oil Plan

For those seeking even more comprehensive coverage, the Platinum Heating Oil Plan offers additional benefits:

  1. Annual Tune-Up: Just like the Gold Plan, your heating system will receive an annual tune-up, but here, there is no charge for parts or labor.
  2. No Diagnostic Fee: You won’t have to pay any diagnostic fees, further reducing your maintenance costs.
  3. No After-Hours Charge for Emergencies: In case of no-heat or hot water emergencies, you won’t face any after-hours charges.
  4. Priority Service: As with the Gold Plan, you’ll have priority access to our emergency services.

General Conditions

Before you choose a plan, it’s essential to understand some general conditions that apply:

  1. Inspection Required: Both plans become effective only after Sheller Energy inspects your equipment and systems. Any necessary upgrades must be completed before the plan begins.
  2. Automatic Delivery Required for Platinum: The Platinum Plan requires automatic delivery of heating oil.
  3. Self-Renewing: Both plans are valid for 12 months and automatically renew at prevailing rates.
  4. Transferable: You can transfer your service plan to a new owner if you sell your property, but no refunds are issued for the unused portion of the plan.
  5. Cessation of Responsibility: Sheller Energy’s responsibility under a service plan ends if you procure service or parts from another source or if your account is past due.
  6. Customer Responsibilities: Plan customers are expected to perform some basic maintenance tasks, like checking thermostats, switches, circuit breakers, and filters.
  7. Non-Covered Items: Certain parts and services, such as condensing coils, flues, and electrical service, are not covered under either plan.

Comprehensive Tune-Up

Both the Gold and Platinum Plans include an annual tune-up, which covers the following services:

  • Cleaning of heating unit, vent pipe, and chimney base.
  • Adjustment of the burner for maximum efficiency.
  • Cleaning and adjustment of electrode and nozzle assembly.
  • Lubrication of all motors, bearings, fans, and circulators.
  • Replacement of oil nozzle and oil filter.
  • Testing and adjustment of all safety and operating controls.
  • Inspection of flue pipe, barometric damper, and combustion chamber.
  • Testing of oil pump operation.
  • Air filter replacement (standard 1″).
  • Inspection of the oil tank and lines.
  • Providing the customer with equipment condition information and efficiency results.

Covered Parts

Both plans cover a range of parts that may become defective due to normal use or wear and tear, ensuring you have a worry-free heating system. Parts not listed may still be eligible for a 15% discount on repairs.

Sheller Energy’s Gold and Platinum Heating Oil Plans are designed to keep your home warm, comfortable, and efficient throughout the heating season. Whether you opt for the Gold Plan for essential coverage or the Platinum Plan for comprehensive protection, you’ll benefit from priority service, annual tune-ups, and cost savings on repairs. With Sheller Energy, you can trust that your heating needs are in capable hands, ensuring your peace of mind all year round.