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Veteran’s Discount Program

Sheller Energy Introduces

A Veteran’s Discount Program

Sheller Oil & Propane would like to thank and honor those who have served or are serving in our country’s military. All certified residential customers on automatic delivery are eligible to receive $.01 off per gallon of heating oil or propane. See details below. Call us at 610-692-3388 to get signed up today!

The Sheller Energy Veterans Discount Program provides eligible participants with the opportunity to purchase our products and services at a discounted rate. By purchasing any product or service through this program, the participant acknowledges these terms & conditions and agrees to abide by them. It is the responsibility of the participant to know the rules of the program as set forth in this document. Violations of these rules may result in the elimination from the discount program. The program may be withdrawn at any time and the terms are subject to change.

Participant Eligibility

This program is designed to honor those who have served in our Armed Forces, as well as those who wear the uniform and defend our Country today.

  1. This program is available only to: Active Duty, Veterans’, and Reserves of the U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, National Guard and Coast Guard.
  2. Verification must be provided in the form of a Thank-A-Vet ID Card, Honorable Discharge Papers or a current Military ID in order to participate in this Veterans Discount Program.
  3. This program is only honored to living Veterans or Military members. In the event a Veteran or Military member passes whileon the Veterans Discount Program, the discount will remain in effect for the family members at that current residence. In the event a spouse relocates and a new account is established, the discount in nontransferable.
  4. This discount is offered to residential properties or consumers. A Veteran Owned Business or for profitable income are not eligible for this program due to other usage discount opportunities.
  5. The Veterans Discount is not combinable with other Associate Member Discount Programs.
  6. Not applicable to any Sheller Energy Employees and Relatives already established on a special pricing program.

Program Rules

  1. All accounts given are based upon credit approval to be eligible to participate in our Veterans Discount Program on Sheller Energy products and services.
  2. Account must be established in Veteran or Active Military Participant’s name in order to be eligible for the discount.
  3. Sheller Energy has the right to withdrawal a customer from our Veterans Discount Program if payment terms are not met.
  4. Sheller Energy reserves the right to make modifications to the program as needed.
  5. Products and services provided by Sheller Energy will fluctuate in price with current market conditions.
  6. Veterans Discount is only available through fuel deliveries. The details of these discounts are highlighted below.

Fuel Deliveries

  1. To receive a fuel discount of $.01 off per gallon, a customer’s account must be on an automatic or scheduled delivery status and payment must be made within 10 days.
  2. Fuel discount applies to deliveries of propane, heating oil, and ,dyedkerosene.
  3. Veterans Fuel Discounts CAN be combined with our Refer A Friend Program. Speak with a Sheller Energy representative for more information on these additional programs.
  4. Sheller Energy will include prompt pay discounts in addition to the Veterans Discount Program. All other discount inclusions to the Veterans Discount Program must be approved by a Sheller Oil & Propane representative.
  5. All discounts are eligible for participants on our Budget Program.
  6. Excludes all promos, sweepstakes, contests, etc. for Sheller Energy products and services.
  7. Veterans Discount is not eligible to participants that are on a Co-Op or Community Fuel Contract.

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