Winter is coming, and it’s essential to keep your home warm and cozy. Sheller Oil offers two distinct heating service plans tailored to your needs: the Gold and Platinum Heating Oil Plans. Each plan is designed to provide you with peace of mind and ensure your heating system operates efficiently all season long.

Gold Heating Oil Plan

The Gold Plan is perfect for those who seek reliable heating maintenance with added benefits. It includes an annual tune-up and a 15% discount on both diagnostic and repair charges. Plus, you get priority service for all emergencies, ensuring your heating system is always in top condition.

Platinum Heating Oil Plan

For the ultimate in heating system care, the Platinum Plan covers everything in the Gold Plan and more. It offers an annual tune-up with no charge for parts or labor, no diagnostic fee, and no after-hours charge for no-heat-or-hot-water emergencies. This plan is ideal for those who want comprehensive coverage and peace of mind.

General Conditions

Both plans require an initial inspection of equipment and systems by Sheller Oil to ensure they meet standard requirements. The plans are self-renewing and offer priority scheduling over non-plan customers. It’s important to note that service plan customers receive dependable, prompt emergency service 24/7.

Comprehensive Tune-up

Both plans include a thorough annual tune-up. This tune-up is designed to prevent breakdowns and reduce heating costs. It involves cleaning the heating unit, adjusting the burner for maximum efficiency, replacing the oil nozzle and filter, and more.

Covered Parts

Under the Platinum Plan, Sheller Oil will repair or replace a wide range of parts that may become defective due to normal use. These include controls, warm air system components, burner replacement parts, hot water systems components, and fuel supply parts.


Choosing the right service plan with Sheller Oil ensures that your heating system remains efficient, reliable, and ready to keep your home warm throughout the winter. Whether you choose the Gold or Platinum Plan, you can rest assured that your heating needs are in good hands.

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